Sunday, November 30, 2008

Famiy Update

Time has come for me to recommence, is that a word?, with this blog. The main purpose is to have a record of so many of the experiences we have had and are having. Life has gotten in the way lately, broken feet, broken computers, new MACS that I can't maneuver around in quickly, and, of course, kids.

We had our first snowfall of the winter on the day we returned from a cruise from the Western Caribbean. Williams enjoyed the experience up until about half a second after this picture was snapped. What's Adam doing behind Williams? Well, putting snow down the back of Williams shirt, of course. That's just what any self-respecting big brother would do, right? And Williams, just like any typical little brother, recently arrived from Ghana, near the equator, never having seen snow, reacted with the proper behavior of screaming and crying.

The kids continue to adjust to their new relationships and roles in the family. Williams is adjusting at what seems to me a rapid pace. His English is excellent and it's a rare occasion that he doesn't understand something that's been said. Sadly, his adorable accent seems to already have faded some, and he gains new American slang and jargon daily. He has grown 1 1/4 inches in three months and gained 5 pounds! He's eating more and more foods and becoming more willing to try new things.

Thanksgiving was spent on the cruise ship so we kind of missed the traditional ringing in of the holiday season. Holly and I had fish for thanksgiving dinner, Adam had chicken, and Scott, Hannah, and Williams had turkey. We decided that one of Williams interesting trivial facts about himself when he's an adult can be that he had his first Thanksgiving turkey dinner in Mexico and he was not even an American citizen.

By the way, "recommence" is a word. I just did spellcheck.