Sunday, December 14, 2008


We took the whole family on a 5 day cruise over Thanksgiving week. Everyone was excited except Williams who said that he just wanted to stay home. I kept telling him he'd be happy that he'd gone, knowing that he had no idea what he was in for. I'm pretty sure he was imagining the fishing boats in Accra which make up such a big part of the local economy.

Eating, of course, was one of the highlights of our trip. I refused to let anyone order off the kid's menu in the dining room. Grilled cheese sandwiches or chicken nuggets seemed just wrong when there were so many wonderful foods to choose from. Amazingly, one night, every kid (except Williams) tried an escargot. No one gagged or anything! The last 4 months of Williams life has been spent tasting one weird food after another. I didn't push it with him. Our favorite was dessert when almost every night we all had the Chocolate Melting Cake.

The girls both made lots of friends in their respective "kids clubs". They enjoyed the chance to have a little freedom roaming around the ship with friends and without mom and dad. There were days that we really didn't see much of them during the day. (We did usually know where they were!) The boys enjoyed the water. They would have been happy to spend from sun up to sun down in the pool and hot tub.

I have to recommend a cruise as an excellent family vacation option. I think I can honestly say that the kids enjoyed it even more than mom and dad, if that's possible. We didn't have to worry about food costs, which is usually large with a family of 6. There were activities tailored to their age groups which allowed mom and dad to have some time off. There were tons of kids on our ship since it was the Thanksgiving holiday, so we didn't have to worry about making them toe the line with their behavior. Adam and Williams playing catch with the football in the hall didn't receive too many dirty looks. I'm also proud to say that only one golf ball went overboard from the putt-putt course. It could have been so much worse!

Williams and Hannah in "the tub".

You can never have too many pillows!

Scott in the ping pong tournament.


Heather A. said...

Spending a week on one of the Ghanaian fishing boats would make me a bit week in the knees, and NOT in a good way!!! I don't blame Williams a bit for being leery!

And I'm not sure what part of Ghana Williams is from, but in the forst regions they have HUGE, fist sized snails for dinner, so perhaps the escargot wouldn't have been that unusual?

Glad you had a great family vacation!

Amy J said...

I choked down the tiny snail, but don't care to try the fist-sized ones. I'll have to ask him about big snails.

Robin Dodd Photography said...

The pic with the pillows was hysterical! Reminds me of me! What a great idea! What cruise line was it?

Amy J said...

It was Carnival. They have SUPERB kids programs.